Tuesday, June 9, 2009

'Ghostbusters 3' Talk

Harold Ramis gave comingsoon.net a quick update on 'Ghostbusters 3' telling the site that Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson will return for the third Ghostbusting outing.

He also confirmed there will also be a new group of Ghostbusters as well as the old school crew. As of yet no director has been attached to the project:
"I wrote the story for the new movie with them, and Dan and I've been consulting. We're just waiting to see a first draft and where we are," Ramis told us, although he's very optimistic it will happen with Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson returning as well. "Everyone says they'll do it, they've all said they'll do it. No one has signed anything yet--we haven't signed anything either--but there's the spirit of willingness in the air."

"I don't think he wants to; I'm not sure I want to (direct). It's just a lot of open questions. Until we see a script, I don't think anyone really knows how they feel about it. Everyone's open to doing it, that's the main thing, that's what got it moving forward."

"Oh, yeah. There will be new Ghostbusters. It's not about us running around. We'll be introducing new people."