Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Marvel Movie News Updates

Firstshowing.net had an exclusive chat with Marvel Studio's president of production Kevin Feige about the upcoming Marvel Films:

Iron Man 2:
On Iron Man 2 the main tidbit was that Scarlett Johansson character has "two sides" - her entrance is as an assistant to Tony Stark, but she is later revealed to be a character named Black Widow. For the film its self which is halfway through shooting he said the they wanted to sense of humor and the tone from the first movie but to improve upon for the sequel was to add more characters, to see if they could maintain that tone with a wider ensemble, and up the action.

Thor: Kevin Feige confirmed that Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were officially cast in Thor, also said that Thor will take place on both modern Earth and other worlds like Asgard, confirming that Donald Blake is not being a part of the story and the setting be primarily Earth.

Other big news is that Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki could be the main Marvel villain throughout the other franchises as he is signed up for multiple movies or "multiple franchises," explaining to firstshowing that finding a classic villain that could be sustained over the course of many films and provide the hero with a challenge while also being a mirror of that hero himself was very tough. "Loki has those aspects."

The First Avenger: Captain America:
Feige confirmed that it's "primarily" a period piece that takes place during WWII, saying its the perfect film for director Joe Johnston:
"It’s the movie his entire career has been leading towards,” Feige said of the the Captain America movie’s significance for Johnston, who has done special effects work for both “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars” films, in addition to his directorial jobs on “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and “Jurassic Park III.”
Also Feige confirmed that Captain America sidekick Bucky is “It’s a safe bet,” to appear in the film. Bucky is now Captain America who was brought back to life by Ed Brubaker as the winter solider, so shall be interesting to see if the films take a similar road with Bucky.

Ant-Man: Finally on Ant-Man, Edgar Wright is currently finishing up another draft of Ant-Man for Marvel to look at after he finishes Scott Pilgrim. Lastly, Feige also said that they'll be announcing another new movie for 2012 within the next few months.