Sunday, July 26, 2009

'The Avengers' Line-Up Revealed

Marvel studios head honcho Kevin Feige, has revealed the line up for 'The Avengers.' The superhero team will consist of Iron Man and Thor, Captain America and Nick Fury.
I think we know. I think it’s going to be Iron Man and Thor, Captain America and Nick Fury. I think it’s safe to assume that there will be some members of the Hulk universe in the film as well. In terms of the additional I think Black Widow, sure. The SHIELD organization for sure. What’s exciting, for me, about The Avengers movie is seeing those four characters interact with each other. I think anywhere from the first issues of The Avengers to Civil War the dynamic between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is just awesome, it’s fascinating. It brings out sides in others that won’t be brought out in the other franchises. Going forward with the mix is a whole other thing, I think it will be cool. So to pile on another 15 or 10, frankly more than four would be too many.

Is the Hulk in it?

Zak Penn is outlining it as we speak, so we’ll see.
Seeing that "some members of the Hulk universe are in the film as well" one could assume that the rumours of The Hulk being the main villian could prove to be true.