Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Edgar Wright Still Wants ‘Ant-Man’

Its been a long while since anything been announced regarding Edgar Wright's cinematic adaption of Marvel's ‘Ant-Man.’ Omelete got to ask Edgar if he still has any interest in making Ant-Man or is the project now dead, here's what he had to say:
“‘Ant-Man’ is something I need to return to,” said Wright. “I wrote a draft before ‘Scott Pilgrim’ started and it’s kind [of] on back burner slightly just because I’ve been busy with this. But it’s something that I have got to return to. I have to do another draft after ‘Scott Pilgrim’ is done.”

“When you come away from something it’s good and fun to rework what you’ve already done,” the director confessed. “But I’m very happy with the first draft and we need to get back into business.”