Friday, July 24, 2009

Gary Oldman States 'Batman 3' Shoots Next Year are reporting that at the panel for The Book of Eli, someone got to ask Gary Oldman "When does the next Batman start filming?" to which he answered -- We’re starting filming on the next Batman next year. So it won’t be out for another two years at least, I think. But you didn’t hear it from me!"

Which is nice.

UPDATE: AICN got Gary Oldman to elaberate more on his Batman 3 statment, to which he stated it mite be 2 - 3 years before we see another Batman:
I just interviewed Oldman and he back-peddled a bit on it, going from sure to the movie filming next year on the panel to a more "well, I'm sure they want to do another one... it might 2 or 3 years..." I'll have the exact quote for you in my interview, which I hope to have up tomorrow, but maybe them horses need holdin'. Or maybe he slipped and got an earful from Warners. What do you folks think?