Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bruce Campbell Goes Edo On Your Ass In 'Ambush At Blood Trail Gate' UPDATE

Bruce Campbell heads up the English dub of an 1987 underground title 'Ambush At Blood Trail Gate' by Naohiro Takita recently rediscovered by Shinobi Splat.

Young rebellious samurai Muramoto (voiced by Bruce Campbell) spends his days drinking sake and womanizing in a small Edo-era village. However, when he crosses the line with the Clan Leader’s daughter, the consequences are dire. The action builds to a thrilling climax at the legendary Blood Trail Gate.

'Ambush At Blood Trail Gate' Trailer

UDATE: Sadly it was too good to be true that Bruce Campbell would do the lead voice in a 80's Samurai film, instead its a viral for 'White On Rice'>

'White On Rice' Trailer