Sunday, August 16, 2009

'District 9' Sequel Plans

With glowing reviews and topping the American box office on the weekend at $37M, Neill Blomkamp has already discussed plans for a sequel. have comments from Neill about his ideas on 'District 10':
“If this film is successful, if audiences want another, whatever, District 10, I would love to do it,” said Blomkamp a couple of weeks ago. “It’s a very personal film, and it’s a universe and a place that I find incredibly creative. I’d love to go back to that universe.”

But he’s planning a gap first. “I have another science fiction film now that I want to write for the rest of the year,” Blomkamp said. “That, I think, may be the next one, and I’m incredibly into [it]. It’s quite different, and it’s a unique idea, but I’m very into it. …It’s a very similar genre.”


. “I do have ideas rattling around in my head, and weirdly enough they’re not to do with what you just said,” Blomkamp said. “They’re different. But, who knows?”


Anonymous said...

I just saw this fabulous and tragic movie and I just can't stop thinking about it. Humans behaviour is dispicable and what they do to these poor creatures will make Dashau look like a club med. I know this is just a movie but if this were to happen for real, would we do things any differently? Or is madness part of our genome? Please make the sequel as deep as this one and don't fall in the Action Rampage some will want to see. Thanks again for a great movie!

Art Music Cinema said...

I thought it was an amazing film! Very deep story and you really feel for the aliens. The story is definitely open for a sequel. If it doesn't happen, I'm OK with it. Quality is much better than quantity.