Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jon Heder To Star In 'Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede'

Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) is set to star in 'Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede' an adaptation of the Bradley Denton comic sci-fi novel, Robert Rugan wrote the script and will direct, variety reports.

February 3rd, 1959 was the “day the music died.” It was also marked the day when our hero, Oliver Vale, was conceived in the back seat of a car. And from that moment forward, he was raised to fervently believe in personal freedom, UFOs, higher consciousness and, of course, the power of rock n rock. Exactly thirty years from his conception, Oliver turns on the TV only to find Buddy Holly on every channel, broadcasting nonstop from Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.

Buddy’s message to the world? Oliver Vale holds the key to Buddy Holly’s “re-birth” and should be contacted for details. Now in a slight panic, Oliver makes the decision to race towards Lubbock, the birthplace of Buddy Holly, to search for some clues into why this is happening to him. And with Oliver on the run, the film becomes an action packed romp through the desert – with Oliver trying to keep ahead of the pack and away from his therapist, a killer cyborg dog, a FCC assassin, a couple of aliens, and a mob of couch potatoes who want their TV back… NOW.

Buddy Holly Alive And Well In 1982 London