Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Neil Gaiman To Direct A New Short Film

Neil Gaiman will once again turn his talents to cinema as he begins production on a 10 minute silent short film, writing on his blog:
Very quick one just to say I'm in the offices of a film company in London, spending two days interviewing editors, production designers, costume people and the like, for a short (ten minute) silent film I've written and will be directing in two weeks' time.

I can't tell you much more about it yet. It stars, er, a star, and another, different, star. I had the idea for it half way through the HousingWorks benefit Amanda and I did in April [Edit: er, June. April was PEN.], and pulled out my notebook and wrote it down.

It got the green light on Friday, will be part of a series of Silent Films broadcast in the UK in December, and I have probably already said too much.
This will be his second short, the first been the documentary 'A Short Film About John Bolton.'


Anonymous said...

Neil Gaiman's first short film (John Bolton) was so awful it defies description, but I'll try; wooden performances, a crappy plot ripped off from a bad Tales from the Crypt episode and dumb vampire women. Every script Gaiman has written is a sub-standard mess. Neil Gaiman spends a lot of time on his image and graphics and very little time learning his craft. He's a mediocre writer and now he wants to direct? Any movie Neil Gaiman writes or directs will be a trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

Gaiman should spend less time taking endless photos of himself and try to write something a grownup would bother to read. Neil Gaiman is a clown.