Friday, September 4, 2009

Bill Nighy To Star In Neil Gaiman’s New Short Film

/film have shed some light on Neil Gaimen new silent short film 'Statuesque.' Flicks News favourite Bill Nighy and musician Amanda Palmer will star in the 8 minute long short which is about a love triangle between two living statues and admirer who observes his object of affection every day among the Christmas shoppers, unaware that he too is being watched.

The film is one of a series of films commissioned by Sky TV, each to mark one of the twelve days of Christmas.

UPDATE: Neil Gaimen has completed filming and editing his short film, talking a little about it on his blog:
The film was finished. I spent the last few days editing it with a terrific editor named Amanda James, and it was handed in, with a cut-off of last night at 7:30pm, when we had to lock it (because today we will grade the film). At 7:28 we were sitting nervously looking at the phone waiting for the Senior Executive at Sky TV to tell us what he thought, and at 7:29 we had huge grins on our faces, because he had phoned and told us that he was very very happy indeed, had absolutely loved it and he wouldn't change a frame.

It's eight minutes and 21 seconds long.
You can check out the short here.