Monday, September 14, 2009

Sam Mendes Gives An Update On 'Preacher'

Empire caught up with Sam Mendes and got him to give an update on the progress of 'Preacher,' he said:
"It's getting closer," says Mendes. "I've seen a script and it's very good. We're a little further down the road than when I last spoke to you."

"I love graphic novels - Road To Perdition was based on graphic novel - so I'm used to that form and Preacher is absolutely brilliant. I certainly feel it's a movie."

"It's funny, it's violent as hell, it's extremely blasphemous and profane, but it has an amazingly skilful tone," says Mendes. "I met Garth Ennis and I'm just a huge fan of it."
Flicks News cannot wait to see this project come to life on the big screen and if Sam needs any suggestions on the cast choices, may we suggest the brilliant Michael Fassenbender to play Cassidy.

There will still be a while to wait for Preacher as Mendes's next project is Joseph O'Neill's Netherland with screenwriter Christopher Hampton.
"It's a brilliant novel but not an obvious film, so it needs a fair amount of work. I'm definitely committed to trying to make one out of it, though, and if anyone can do it, Christopher Hampton can. He's the most wonderful writer."

"I thought 'I can't not do this', or at least try...". More on both projects as we get it."