Thursday, October 15, 2009

Park Chan-wook Confirms His Next Film

Park Chan-wook has confirmed his next film will be a remake of Costa-Gavras's 2005 film Le Couperet (The Ax), twitch reports.

The story sounds right up Park Chan-wook' street, it is about a thirty-nine years old executive Bruno Davert whoes been working for fifteen years in a paper company. After a merging operation with a Romania's company, he is fired in a downsizing.

While unemployed for two years, Bruno loses his self-esteem and sanity and his family loses the middle-class lifestyle without cable television, Internet and regular consumption. He concludes that there is too much competition in his sector for a few job positions and decides to literally eliminate his competitors, killing those more qualified than him.

Le Couperet(The Ax)Trailer