Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stephen Fry To Write 'The Dam Busters' For Peter Jackson

According to AICN source, the brilliant Stephen Fry has taken up writing duties on Peter Jackson's remake of 'The Dam Busters' which is currently in production. It did not say if Peter would direct the film or just produce, here's what the source said:
Last night I attended a charity event with Stephen Fry, in which he was interviewed on stage about his life, friends (such as Hugh Laurie – when he Stephen was recently in LA shooting bones, he was in the lot opposite the House lot, and they had lunch together for a catch up) and ongoing/future projects. One of the more interesting movie tip-bits that he let slip was that he confirmed that the Peter Jackson DamBusters remake was in pre-production, with Stephen writing the screen play. He also commented that Peter had already created the Lancaster Bombers in New Zealand ready for shooting to begin. No dates were mentioned.