Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Superman Returns: Directors Cut' Campaign have launched a campaign for Warner Brothers to release Bryan Singer's original cut of the film on DVD & Blu-Ray.

Singer stated back when the film was released that the original cut was 2 hours and 45 minutes before the film was trimmed for its theatrical release. A number of significant scenes ended up on the cutting room floor such as the Return to Krypton sequence, scenes with Ben Hubbard and Martha Kent, Kal Penn's character's dialogue was cut, an opening sequence with comic book opening similar to Superman: The Movie's opening, Clark adjusting back to life on earth, young Clark growing up, and lots of dialogue and extended scenes that supposedly added to the film and gave it better pacing and beats.

The trailer below highlights some of these scenes that got cut:

Deleted Return To Krypton Scene

Superman Returns generated $13 million in rentals during its first week of release on home video . The DVD release also generated high sales worldwide, the film was also released in both high definition formats, HD DVD and Blu-Ray and became the best-selling title on both formats in 2006 and was among the best sellers of both formats of 2007.

Flicks News totally support this campaign and would love to see a Directors/ Extended cut of the film with all the scenes restored and we urge you to join the campaign and sign your name.