Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alan Partridge Movie To Be Set In America

Steve Coogan has revealed that the 'Alan Partridge: Movie' will take the failed chatshow host/ Radio Norwich DJ to America.

"We're doing it in the States, but I'm not going to try and Americanise it, I wouldn't try to do the same observational stuff here that I do in Britain. I'm not going to come over here and go, 'Right, now I'm going to try and invent five different characters who are all American,' because I'm not steeped in American culture. It wouldn't work.

"I'm so ingrained in British culture that for me to observe the minutiae of being British in all its different ways is very easy. I couldn't claim to do that here, and if I did they'd end up being caricatures. It'll be a British fool/idiot character in a movie that should appeal to everybody."

Coogan said the film is yet to be written, but, said, "we're doing a deal right now - I can't say who with - and there'll probably be an official announcement in the next couple of months."