Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check This... Waltz with Bashir

On this weeks check this is Ari Folman’s 'Waltz with Bashir,' which uses state-of-the-art animation to portray Folman’s experiences as an Israeli soldier during the 1982 Lebanon war.

The autobiographical “Waltz with Bashir”, which took four years to complete, tells the story of Folman, who sought to reveal repressed memories resulting from trauma he suffered during the war. As part of his self-discovery project, Folman interviews fellow soldiers with whom he fought in Lebanon.

It won a Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, an NSFC Award for Best Film, a César Award for Best Foreign Film and an IDA Award for Feature Documentary, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, a BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in the English Language and an Annie Award for Best Animated Feature.

Check This... is a feature showcasing what we at Flicks News consider essential short films to watch!

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