Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dexter: Early Cuts (Animated Prequel To Season 1)

Dexter: Early Cuts, is an animated web series which precedes the current narrative of the show and revolves around Dexter hunting down the three victims that he mentions in the sixth episode of season 1, 'Return to Sender'. Each victim has their own story. Michael C. Hall reprises his role as the voice of Dexter.

Dexter Early Cuts 1: Alex Timmons

Dexter Early Cuts 2: Gene Marshall

Dexter Early Cuts 3: Cindy Landon

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rob said...

We love you Michael C. Hall. You stole the show in Six Feet Under and despite bad cop writing all around you, you're doing Dexter justice. We're all pulling for you, as long as you promise to keep going with your art :)