Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peter Kay To Star In Irish Comedy 'National Task Force'

Peter Kay is set to star alongside Colm Meaney and Keith Duffy in Irish comedy ‘National Task Force’, a new feature film to be directed by and starring Brendan O’Carroll which is written by Anthony Whelan (Mind Games) and Derek Furlong (After Dark: Black Hollow)

“The story is based around Detective Charles Malloy (a high ranking officer of the GNDU), whose partner was recently murdered whilst uncovering a drugs operation in the republic, run by suspected drug lord Craig Cain. Malloy while successful in his duties as a Garda detective, becomes incensed when he hears that the department has dropped the investigation into the murder of his ex-partner."

“Superintendent Taylor (O’Carroll), is the head of the GNDU and is ordered by senior management, to team Detective Malloy up with a new face, Detective James O’Connor (a young detective hoping to make a name for himself) in a hope that it will help him move on, calm him down and settle him back into normality. Malloy however has different plans. His no-nonsense approach to his job and his forceful arguments with his boss Superintendent Taylor, continues to disobey orders and proceeds to drag his new partner all over the city in an effort to find the connections that will lead him to Craig Cain.”

Co-writer Anthony Whelan told IFTN the project is 60% financed at the moment and the production team is hoping to secure all finance by March along with distribution agreements. It is expected that complete finance will be secured by March along with distribution, thus allowing for pre-production to commence in April.

Whelan also revealed that Colin Farrell and Colm Meaney are in talks to star in the film: “We are in talks with Colm Meaney, Allen Leech, Ed Speleers Pete Morgan, Myia Elliott, and are hoping to also get Colin Farrell and Pauline McLynn.”

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