Friday, January 8, 2010

Tobey Maguire Talks About 'Spider-Man 4' Production Delay

With the confirmation that production on Spider-Man 4 has stalled while they work out the story, Tobey Maguire has given his thoughts during a live web cast:
"Like anything, it's a process," Maguire said. "We're just in the midst of the process. We have a lot of great stuff in terms of story and script. We're just trying to dial it in and get it ready as quickly as possible. Of course, these movies are a very big undertaking and take a lot more time than a drama or something more straightforward."

"Not only do I have specific ideas, but the ideas are evolving on the page," he said. "It's all happening right now. It's all sort of coming together. It's very exciting to me. I think the evolution of the character is really exciting, to be rooted in the history of what we've done already and to have a continuity, yet have a progression or evolution."