Saturday, March 27, 2010

Noel Fielding Talks Mighty Boosh Movie Plans

A newly blonde Noel Fielding told Absolute Radio, that he and Julian Barratt are writing the Mighty Boosh film at the moment and already have enough ideas for a trilogy of films.

Noel said: "Hopefully, I like the road movies with Bing and Bob, hopefully we could just do lots - that would be great if we could do that."

"There's a couple of ideas for films, there's one we've got quite far into, and then there's one that's sort of quite a good idea that we're just working out now.

"And then there's one that's like a musical, like a Rocky Horror type thing, and then there's an album as well, so lots hopefully coming, it's just we need to do some writing.

"It took us two years to write the first series and now we have about six months to write a film, but it'll be alright."


Karen said...

OMFG!!!!!!!!! What has he done to his beautiful hair :(

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see what they come up with

don't know what Noel was thinking when he got his hair done

Anonymous said...

its not as great as the black but i still think it looks adorable :)

Amber said...

Who cares what he did to his hair? He's a comedic genius and I don't think his hair is gonna affect the material (and he looks good either way). Jeeze people. So it's like 2011 now and I have searched all over the internet and still no new news on this Boosh movie. this was the latest info I could find. I hope they do decide to do a 4th season though.