Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Matthew Vaughn Talks 'X-Men: First Class'

Matthew Vaughn has been talking about his latest film 'X-Men: First Class,' which will reboot the X-Men film in a vain similar to J.J. Abrams 'Star Trek' with Vaughn saying:
"Obviously [Abrams] couldn't make everyone happy with that one, but he did a pretty good job," Vaughn said. "He made a fantastically exciting reinvention of that world, with those great characters. And I think there will be comparisons a little bit with 'X-Men: First Class.' It's very similar, in a way. But we're doing some cool stuff in this movie, some really cool stuff that you haven't seen before."

He added: "The story that Bryan Singer came up with is very, very smart. It's very clever when you see how he has integrated the characters into the time period where the film is set. I'll put it that way. I just don't want to give it away. ... It's a very clever way of getting these characters involved in recent history, in recent world events."
He also talked about changes to the script due to scenes similar to Christopher Nolan's 'Inception'.
"I saw 'Inception,' which I loved," Vaughn said. "But my heart sank when I saw that a few of the ideas we had were up [on the screen]. So it's either leave it in and look as if you're copying or change things. We completely ripped out about 12 pages of the script and the storyboards." He added that the scrapped sequence was a "dream-space combat" that featured a fight involving Charles Xavier and other mutants that was to going to be presented with spinning rooms and other physics-bending imagery.
He also chatted about the preparation the cast members are doing to get ready for filming, which begins later this month.
"The quality of the actors that we've got in these roles is truly world class," Vaughn said. "James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are really working well together. We're about to start a rehearsal period before the shoot and they are coming up with some great ideas. They really care very deeply about their characters and how they interact in the film. And the younger cast members as well, the other mutants, they're really incredibly talented. And it's going to be a pleasure to work with them. It really is. They're all very, very committed as well. They're training every day for several hours. Literally, right now they're training with the stunt teams and they're all taking their diets very seriously and exercising a lot and working very, very hard. It's very exciting to see it come together."