Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video: Jim Henson's Fantastic World

The incredibly prolific mind of Jim Henson (1936-1990) was a veritable celebration of ideas for wondrous creatures and characters, stories, songs, and imagery. From the earliest age, Henson drew pictures, wrote jokes, built mobiles, and planned whole worlds. He thought in three dimensions and experimented in a huge variety of media, both with still and moving images. He was fascinated with how ideas are formed, how they interconnect in the mind, and how they can be shared through the visual and performing arts.

Organised with The Jim Henson Legacy, Jim Henson's Fantastic World offers audiences a rare peek into the imagination of this brilliant innovator and creator of Kermit, Big Bird, and other beloved characters. The exhibition documents Henson’s process of “visual thinking” through works of art, photographs, documents, puppets and other 3-D objects, and film and video clips. Museums may create a separate activity center with the educational and interactive resources provided.

A tour of the Jim Henson's Fantastic World exhibit guided by the exhibit's curator and historian Karen Falk as well as Jim Henson's daughter Heather Henson. Also in attendance at this preview was Jim Henson's wife, Jane.

The Orange County Regional History Center proudly hosted this remarkable exhibit on rare images, drawings, short films and muppets from this 20th century icon. Included are rare interviews with Heather Henson, Jane Henson, and Fran Bill, the first female muppeteer on Sesame Street.

Scrapbook Special: Jim Henson's Fantastic World