Thursday, January 13, 2011

Updated: Official Logo for 'The Lone Ranger'

Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed the official logo for Gore Verbinski take on 'The Lone Ranger,' Johnny Depp is the only confirmed casting in the film as Tonto.

Update: Johnny Depp has talked about playing Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger:'
"I think it's going to be good, when we have a chance to put it up on its feet," Depp said. "What we've got so far screenplay-wise is really great, really funny."

Depp, who is part Cherokee, added that the Tonto character will be different in the feature film. "I always felt Native Americans were badly portrayed in Hollywood films over the decades. It's a real opportunity for me to give a salute to them. Tonto was a sidekick in all the Lone Ranger series. [This film] is a very different approach to that partnership. And a funny one I think."