Friday, February 4, 2011

Mitch Hurtwitz Wants 'Arrested Development' Film Released By This Year

Mitch Hurtwitz has revealed that he wants to have the 'Arrested Development' movie in cinemas by the end of this year, we would too!

Speaking to DS, hes currently working on a script with Jim Valley that will resurrect the Bluth family for the big screen, saying:
"We've started that process and it is our sincere hope to shoot it this year and get it out this year," Hurwitz said. "That's what we're hoping, but a lot of things have to fall into place for that to happen."

Asked about the storyline for the Arrested movie, Hurwitz added: "I want to keep whatever it is we end up with as a surprise, which kind of betrays the fact that we might not have the whole thing worked out!

"But I don't like to toy with the affections of our fans. They've been so supportive and we're so grateful, so I kind of hate to answer the question until I can say, 'Yep, we've shot it, it opens next week'. Otherwise it feels like we're toying with people and we do not mean to do that. It has just taken a while to get it going."
Update: Peter Serafinowicz has revealed that he will have a role in the upcoming Arrested Development film. Serafinowicz who starred in Arrested creator Mitch Hurwitz's recent TV show 'Running Wilde', told Splitsider that he was "too nervous" to ask Hurwitz who he'll be playing in the Fox sitcom's movie spinoff.
"Mitch told me is that he's writing me into the Arrested Development movie, which I'm super excited about," he said.

"It's all properly happening. I don't know anything about it other than that he's writing it and it's happening and I'm going to be in it, apparently."