Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updated: 'X-Men' News Round Up

There's been quite a bit of news concerning the X-Men film Universe so we will break it down for you:

'X-Men: First Class:'Empire has revealed 2 covers for the 60's Mutant tale with the facebook page giving a bit more info on the villains of the piece and Angel:

Hellfire Club head Sebastian Shaw (played by Kevin Bacon): Shaw, a force of incalculable evil, was a Nazi collaborator whose early research forever altered the life of a young Erik Lensherr. Shaw can absorb energy and re-channel it, and he will stop at nothing to start a war to ensure that mutants inherit the earth

Azazel(Played by Jason Flemyng): A demonic figure, Azazel can teleport by opening a portal into another dimension. He is a key player in Sebastian Shaw's plans to make sure that mutants inherit the planet.

Riptide(Played by Alex Gonzalez): Never far from the side of his leader, Sebastian Shaw, Riptide creates powerful whirlwinds that can demolish buildings and challenge even the most powerful mutants.

Angel Salvadore( Played by Zoƫ Kravitz): "The beautiful ex-dancer possesses a stunning tattoo of insect-like wings, which become actual wings growing from her back, giving her the gift of flight. Her arsenal is a deadly acid, which she projectile vomits in combat.

Two Empire Covers:

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner also talked to the magazine about 'X-Men 4,' 'Deadpool' and 'The Wolverine:'

On 'X-Men 4:' "X4" is in 'active development at Fox.' "We took the treatment to Fox and they love it... And X4 leads into X5."

On 'Deadpool:' On Deadpool, she says the film will be "a total reboot. We're either going to pretend that didn't happen, or mock it, which he could do. We're looking for a director, yes. He's very involved, Ryan. He's working with the writers on the screenplay and it is as much as it is ours."

She confirmed that this would be the Deadpool of the comics. "I'm tellin' ya, it's true to the comic. You'll see all of them. You'll see Wade Wilson, the good-looking Ryan Reynolds! You'll see Deadpool in his costume and you'll see the cancer-scarred face."

And 'The Wolverine:' "will have depth and a dramatic backbone. And yet there's more action in this one than in any one we've ever done. It's such a good script. We have the great Christopher McQuarrie writing and it's very true to the Japanese saga. This is Logan on his own..."

Update: Huge Jackman also spoke a little about the status of 'The Wolverine' saying: "We need to find another director and once we've found that, we'll be able to know," Jackman told us. "It's too early to call on Japan, I'm not sure where they're at, so now we're finding another director, but Fox is very anxious to make the movie and we're moving ahead full steam to find another director."