Friday, April 1, 2011

McG To Reboot The Batman Franchise

Terminator Salvation director McG has emerged as the front runner to reboot the Batman franchise and contract negotiations are already in final stages, Warner sources have revealed. The deal is expected to be done and signed today, that will see the ambitious task of a whole new Batman film going in to development while Christopher Nolan readies to shoot the final installment of his Batman trilogy.

McG is believed to have got the director nod to take over the caped crusader franchise because of Christopher Nolan, who is taking a producing role in the reboot, is a huge McG fan and cites Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle as one of his favourite films. Other directors in the final shortlist where Michael Bay, Joel Schumacher, Brett Ratner, Uwe Boll and Aprile Fulles.

To view a short clip of Christopher Nolan speaking about his admiration for McG and a small snippet report on the final negotiations for the expected announcement, click here to view the THR video report!

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