Tuesday, April 1, 2008

McG To Reboot The DC Extended Universe With 'Wonder Woman V Batman'

McG has emerged as the front runner to reboot Batman with 'Wonder Woman V Batman' and the more ambitious complete reboot of the whole DCEU franchise. Contract negotiations are already in the final stages, Warner sources have revealed  Gal Gadot will be the only original cast member carrying on to the retooled franchise, and every other role will be recast. Warners are expected to more closely follow Marvel's Phase 3 in the releasing of films and why a whole reboot was chosen over soft resets.

The deal is expected to be signed today and an annoucement to follow on all media outlets this evening. G will be the man to streer the new direction that will see the ambitious task of a whole new Batman film going in to development while Matt Reeves shoots his Batman film which will have Affleck's Batman perish and The Flash reset the whole universe attempting to save his friend and mentor the caped crusader. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) will find herself transported to an alternative universe and a fish out of water tale ensues of the heroine encountering a whole new Batman and assembling a soon to be new Justice Leauge.

McG is believed to have got the director nod to take over the DC franchise because of his similarities and skill of releasing big motion picture events like previous 'Dark Knight' visonary Christopher Nolan, Nolan is in talked to return in a producing role in the DC reboot as he feels Batman needs saving, and is known to be a huge McG fan and regularly  cites Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle as one of his favourite films. Other creators in the very small shortlist by WB excecs were Michael Bay, Joel Schumacher, Uwe Boll and Aprile Fulles.

To view a short clip of Nolan speaking about his admiration for McG and a small snippet report on the final negotiations for the expected announcement, click here to view the THR video report!