Monday, October 31, 2011

EXPIRED: Flicks News DVD Giveaway Competition

Competition Is Now Closed
Winners Announced Here

November 7th marks the release of 'Panic Button' and 'Five Minarets in New York' on DVD and Blu-ray. To celebrate the release, we have DVD's of both films to give away courtesy of the good people at Showbox Home Entertainment to 3 lucky people.

Details on how to enter:
To enter the competition all you have to do is make sure you have our Flicks News Facebook page 'liked' and simply comment or "like" this post on our Facebook wall. 

Winners will be notified when competition closes next week. Best of luck!

'Panic Button' Trailer

Panic Button is a social network themed horror/thriller from Movie Mogul Films. Starring Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jack Gordon, Michael Jibson, Elen Rhys and Joshua Richards, the film shows four young people that putting their lives online can have deadly offline consequences...

'Five Minarets in New York' Trailer

Istanbul, Turkey: Two of Turkey s top Secret Police Officers undertake covert anti-terror operations to uncover the true identity of a dangerous Islamic leader known only as Dajjal . Through violent raids and brutal interrogations they uncover his real name.

New York: Led by Agent Becker (Robert Patrick Terminator 2; Judgement Day) the FBI arrest a prominent Muslim scholar and family man Hadji Gumush in connection with an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol. Have the FBI found Dajjal?

The Turkish secret police officers are swiftly dispatched to New York to assist in the extradition, but the handover is far from simple. With the support of his wife (Gina Gershon Face/Off) and close friend Marcus (Danny Glover Lethal Weapon) Hadji manages to elude the authorities and go into hiding. But one of the officers did not travel all that way to just let him disappear quietly into the night; a lifetime of vengeance is about to be unleashed. In this nail biting action-thriller hunter and prey realise they have more in common than they first thought, setting them on a violent course that will force them to face the heart of their faith.