Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bruce Campbell & Jane Levy Talk The 'Evil Dead' Remake

The Insider got to chat with star of the remake Jane Levy and Bruce Campbell on the 'Evil Dead' Remake that filming will be commencing  soon. Levy had this to say about the remake:
"I'm so excited," , she said. "I'm a big fan of the original. To me it's the scariest movie, ever. But this one is really different. They've changed it a lot, but it's still a pretty gory movie. My mom probably can't see it. As for the tone, I think the humor in the first one came from the special effects of the time. I don't know that they meant it to be funny...this one is not funny. It's definitely dark."
And the legend that is Bruce Campbell also had this to say on the new film making sure to note that no one will be filling Ash's shoes in the remake:
"You can expect to have a damn scary horror movie. There's no Ash character -- The Evil Book is going to torment a new set of kids, so it's a remake, or a re-imagining or ... a re-whatever word you want to use. It's going to be re-scary."

And while this version will focus on a whole new crop of characters, there will be references to the original littered throughout -- for example, the terrifying trees that did a number on Cheryl in 1981 come back for more. "They're not terribly well-behaved this time either,"
Fede Alvarez's will helm the remake and it stars Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez and Lou Taylor Pucci with more casting announcements coming.