Sunday, October 21, 2012

The 'Justice League' Will Face The Avengers In Summer 2015

The LA times is reporting that the summer of 2015 will see the biggest ever superhero showdown the sliver screen has ever seen as DC Comics' superheroes can finally team up on the big screen following the legal victory for Warner Bros. in its long-running fight over the rights for Superman and form the 'Justice League' to do battle with Marvels 'The Avengers 2.'   

Warner Bros. studio is expected to accelerate development of a planned "Justice League" movie that would join Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other characters. Warner hopes to shoot the film next year and release it in the summer of 2015. The studio already has a "Justice League" script in the works. Next it needs to attach a director and then cast the lead roles.  The studio's plan is to spin out other superheroes into their own movies following 'Justice League,' the opposite of Marvels strategy.