Saturday, May 24, 2014

'Django Unchained' Gets A Directors Cut TV Series!

Quentin Tarantino has expressed an interest in releasing an extended version of his western 'Django Unchained' as a four-part TV series.  There is 90 minutes of unused footage from the film and the plan is to incorporate it back into the film and release it in one-hour chapters.

"It wouldn't be an endurance test," said Tarantino of the re-edit's mammoth run time. "It would be a mini-series and people love those. You show people a four-hour movie and they roll their eyes. Show people a four-part mini-series and they'll sit and watch it all in one sitting". 

Also speaking at Cannes Tarantino has futher renewed interest in making his second western 'The Hateful Eight,' after the script leaked.

"The knife in the back wound is starting to scab," he said of the spat. "I'm in no hurry [to release the film]. Maybe I'll shoot it, maybe I'll publish it, maybe I'll do it on stage. Maybe all three."