Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Check This: If Rocky 4 Happened For Real

Brought to you by the good folks at college humour comes the 'check this' What if Rocky 4 Happened for Real.

Balboa Ends the Cold War:

The year is 1985 and the world is torn in two from the power struggle between Russia and America.  It was a cold war expect in the ring, Russia unleashed their greatest weapon The Siberian Bull Ivan Drago to do battle with Americans finest The Count of Monte Fisto Apollo Creed.

Apollo did not survive, reeling from their defeat the fate of the world rested on one man shoulders, the embodiment of American ideals, that man was Rocky Balboa! But he was retired after slaying the beast that was Clubber Lang, he decided to call time on his career to spend time with his family and Robot like a normal guy.

This is the not so true story of how the cold war ended not with a bang but with a KO!