Saturday, April 30, 2016

The DC Film Universe is in Crisis!

The DC film universe seems to be in a downward spiral, after the lacklustre performance and disastrous critical condemnation of 'Batman V Superman' the filming of its sequel 'Justice League' seems to be taking a hit as Zack Synder and WB are reportedly butting heads on the direction of the film:
Sources at WB tell me that this is just one part of what’s going on behind the scenes at the DC movieverse. Zack Snyder and Geoff Johns were taken aback at critical and audience reaction to Batman v Superman, I’m told, and WB execs have found themselves at odds with Snyder over his vision for Justice League and the DC movieverse going forward. Of course Justice League was scheduled to start shooting mere days after BvS was released, which meant WB couldn’t take any definitive action – like removing Snyder or delaying the movie to make changes – without poisoning the box office for BvS. The result? Lots of fights between Snyder and the WB execs, and lots of pressure from Burbank on Snyder, who is shooting in London.
The Directors of both 'The Flash' and 'Aquaman' have exited their films, Seth Grahame-Smith left the Flash over "creative differences" and looks to be followed by James Wan who the rumour suggests is feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation about the project.

This would mark the third director who has left a DC project after 'Wonder woman' changed hands.

But its not all doom and gloom as its been reported that Ben Affleck will have total control over his solo outing as Batman!