Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still! Teaser

UPDATE: Director Scott Derrickson had a interview with MTV about the trailer and while in earlier scripts there was no Gort, he does appear in the end of the trailer (pic above) here's what Scott had to say about Gort:
It was intentional," Derrickson said. "I certainly took a lot of time to explore other possibilities. It wasn't just a foregone conclusion in my mind that we would be sticking to the original. I tried looking at a lot of different possibilities, worked on a lot of different ideas with artists and just always a nagging sense that there was something right about the way the original, that there was something about this alien entity choosing a human form or being in a human form that had value even by modern standards, not by 1950 standards. I also am such a fan of the original film. You have to also just have some respect for Gort. Gort is Gort. There’s no question what we designed pays homage to the original.