Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Goon Comes To Hollywood

Well Hollywood has gone a bit mental about comic book adaptations even making films based on comicbooks that's not even released yet as comic, well its good to hear that there is room for The Goon. According to David Fincher and Academy-Award nominated Blur Studio with Dark Horse Entertainment are to develop The Goon as a CG animated feature film.

Created by Eric Powell in 1999 the story is about the adventures of the Goon, a muscle-bound brawler who claims to be the primary enforcer for the feared mobster Labrazio. The Goon (and his sidekick Franky) often get tied up in other machinations, often in relation to the evil zombie gangs under the command of the Nameless Zombie Priest.

Fincher is already working with Blur Studio in making a new animated Heavy Metal anthology flick, directing a live action adaptation of STD-horror graphic novel Black Hole from screenwriters Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, and he is also working on bringing Torso to the screen too so hes gonna be a very busy boy.