Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rian Johnson Reveals His Next Project

Rian Johnson, writer-director of Brick and upcoming The Brothers Bloom, has revealed his next project to IGN which is Looper a science fiction film based on a Philip K. Dick story. He had this to say on the project:
It's called Looper, Johnson said during a recent visit to the edit bay for The Brothers Bloom. It's sci-fi, but it's very much -- well, I think people toss out Philip Dick sci-fi when they mean 'small, dark' sci-fi. Although, when I think of Philip Dick's books, it's something very different. I think people are confusing it with the movie Blade Runner."

To me, it's a lot more like the first Terminator, he said. It's very sci-fi, but it's very character-based and very concentrated. It's very different from the Terminator movies, but it's like the first Terminator in that time travel is involved with it, but only as a plot device.

Comparing it to The Brothers Bloom, he added, It's going to be really different than this. It's really violent and dark.