Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'New Moon' Production Shut Down Due To Plagiarism Lawsuit?

FURTHER UPDATE: Stephenie Meyer's official website claims plagiarism lawsuit is a hoax and there's no truth to the story! You can also check out the 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' preview that was shown on ET in the video below:

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UPDATE: MSNBC claim lawsuit filed against 'Twilight' author Stephenie Meyer will not halt production of the vampire film's sequel, 'New Moon'

'Twilight' sequel 'New Moon' has reportedly halted production as it's creator and author Stephenie Meyer has become involved in a plagiarism lawsuit following claims from a former college roommate that Meyer stole her ideas.

Heidi Stanton, who studied with the author at Brigham Young University in Utah, has alleged that a short story she wrote during their college years had a similar plot to Twilight.

"Quite frankly, I was shocked when I began watching the movie with my husband last week," Stanton stated in legal documents. "I immediately told him that she got that idea from me! I wrote a fictional short story with the same ideas when we were in college together."

Meyer claimed that the idea for the first novel "came to her in a dream" in 2003, after which she wrote the manuscript in three months.

The legal proceedings have put filming 'New Moon' on hold until the case is resolved.