Wednesday, December 2, 2009

'Torchwood' Series 4 Confirmed!

Russell T. Davies has confirmed that a fourth series of Torchwood is in the works. The show's creator revealed that he is hoping to get started on the new run in January 2010.

"The recession has hit British television, but fingers crossed, it will be a go," he stated. "We expect things to start to move in January.

"We've got great ideas for the show. I think there's a further lease on life for many years to come, but certainly for a [fourth season]."

After the ace 3rd series 'Torchwood: Children of Earth' many believed this would be a final farewell for our Welsh heroes. Davies had confirmed that a 4th series would be moving ahead , he told Torchwood Magazine (via
“I could write you scene one of series four right now. I know exactly how to pick it up. I’ve got a shape in mind, and I’ve got stories. I know where you’d find Gwen and Rhys, and their baby, and Jack, and I know how you’d go forward with a new form of Torchwood."
It is not known how radical the changes will be in the new series, but it is worth noting that John Barrowman is expected to be joining 'Desperate Housewives' soon.

Updated : 2nd December 2009
John Barrowman discussed the new series of Torchwood on BBC Radio 2 and had this to say:
"We are discussing the future of Torchwood because most definitely Torchwood will come back to the BBC, which is fantastic.

"We're not sure when, because we have to work out the logistics of the filming - and it's already said that it'll be 13 episodes instead of 5."
Barrowman also revealed he was not sure if Captain Jack will ever feature in 'Doctor Who' again:
"I don't know about Captain's Jack future in Doctor Who because nothing has been said or I haven't been asked.

"I'm kind of prepared that I won't be in any of it, which is fine."
In regard to the revelation by Barrowman that it would be a 13 episode run for Torchwood Series 4, a BBC spokesperson told Digital Spy:
"Torchwood proved a huge success with our audiences with the one epic story stripped across a single week.

"We know there is a huge public clamour for the return of the Torchwood team. Although no final decision has been made yet, discussion is under way about their future."
UPDATED: February 06 2010

John Barrowman On Captain Jack's Future

UPDATED June 7, 2010:
Series 4
confirmed to air on BBC & Starz summer 2011!


Stellar Drift said...

So what he is saying (for those who can't read) is that nothing is certain yet.

Anonymous said...

"We know there is a huge public clamour for the return of the Torchwood team. Although no final decision has been made yet, discussion is under way about their future."

How can the Torchwood team return when most of them are dead? I loved the show but the end of season 2 and CoE was just depressing as hell.

RIP torchwood, it was good while it lasted, but let the dead rest.

Anonymous said...

No let Torchwood continue. Thats the great thing about RTD he has great ideas, anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

So long as RTD has ideas and can back them up with words that sound vaguely scientific, it'll be fine

Anonymous said...

I really hope there is as least another series. Brilliant programme.

Gemma said...

I kinda agree that they should just let it be. Come on, I loved that show, but I swore to myself I wasn´t going to watch it if they do another season, because of Ianto. I´m gonna try to stick to that. But at the same time if they do a season 4, I can´t help getting my hopes up that he´ll come back. Irrational, sure. Implausible, yeah. But impossible??

jrcel said...

They need to be very careful how far to push their fan base. Torchwood without Jack and Gwen isn't viable. Season 3 may have been critically acclaimed but the fans watched their favourite show be dismantled over 5 nights. It wasn't "fun", quite the opposite, in fact.

Anonymous said...

bring Torchwood back i thin it is excellant and iam currently watching CoE on watch brilliant viewing

Anonymous said...

Torchwood Serise 4 Episode 1....
Jack is in a situation. Gwen has hit a low mood and is feeding the baby. Reese is delivering a pizza to an address which turns out to be in a darkened street. Number 7, I see number 6 and number 8 and a daft old blue phone box where 8 should be! The door opens, appears Captain Jack with his usual grin, I hope you remembered the extra virgin olive oil with that, as he looks at the pizza, the Doctor loves the odd pizza when he gets the time, did you miss me? Reese open mouthed and looks shocked!
Gwen at home, talking to her baby, in walks Reese, why arnt you at work, we need ever penny we can get now being parents, I bumped into an old friend, said he should come have a coffee and meet our newest member of the Family, Gwen turns to see Jack, we heyyyyyyyy, what the bloody hell, when did... your back, Jack your back...! Isnt it about time we found ourselves a new hub? and we'll need to recrute a few......friends. Gwen embraces Jack, Jack embraces Gwen... Reese says, Suppose I'm left at home now watching the baby, off you go then, Gwen turns and smiles, I'll be back in time for tea and races off with Jack and his huge grin.
Well If I can do it, man cant wait until the whole thing is back up and running but you know the only downside to it being back up and running! eventualy it will have to come to an end again...! All hail J J Hanlon aka (CAPHANLON).

Anonymous said...

Thank you, so muchj i have missed torchwood badly but, it wont be the same without owen,tosh and ianto. And alot of people i have spoken to think so too. I'd love there to be a twist, so they can alll come back.

Anonymous said...

If there is a season 4 I'll wait for the DVD and check to see if the cast survives. If they do then I'll watch.

After losing Owen, Tosh and Ianto I don't need to connect with characters only to have them get killed. I watch for entertainment. I get enough sorry, grief & mourning in daily life. Killing off 60% of the cast was a massacre not a storyline.

Anonymous said...

I think, that Mickey smith should take over as the technical whizz, and Marthas Jones as the Doctor in the team, series four should go ahead, and obviously there should be more of gwen, rhys and Jack.

Anonymous said...

I love Torchwood, but they should be careful how much they test the fan's loyalty. I understand RTD and the writers of Torchwood want to make their show the way they want it, but they should not completely ignore feedback from the fans of the show, especially on the BBC. Take a show like Supernatural; the writers listen to their fans, take on board what they like and dislike, and incorporate what they can see has worked if possible. In return Supernatural probably has the most loyal fan-base a TV show has ever had.

gene said...

This a good news "Torchwood" season 4 will be released soon! I'll wait for that.

Julia Rose Black said...

The problem with RTD is that he doesn't care what the fans think about the show, the only thing he cares about is ratings. He's shown it time and time again first with Doctor Who and now especially with torchwood since he doesn't have to worry about expectations being that it is it's own new show. CoE was made for the sole purpose of destroying Jack, everything was taken away from him. In fact I think the only thing they didn't do to jack was have him raped. But what RTD needs to be conscious of is that not only has he abused his characters but he's abused his fans. People have tried to explain this to him and he just won't listen because he doesn't care. It's sad to know that someone like him doesn't care about the opinions and feelings of his fans but there it is. There was no reason to get rid of Ianto. He did it for the ratings. You CANNOT kill off of your cast every season or so and expect anyone to care about the show. There is no point in growing close to characters when the writer is just going to shove your nose in it and kill them all off. I really hope RTD can come to his senses before writing season 4 so that we can see at least Ianto if not Owen and Tosh back in the show some way. It can be done, especially with RTD's ability to destroy continuity.

Get the show back on track, because I guarantee you WILL see your precious ratings drop as heartbroken fans leave the torchwood fandom for someone who won't abuse them. Please don't sign the show's death warrent for the sake of trying to be notorious. I'm going to give it one more season but if no attempt is made to fix what you've done then I regret that I can no longer support fan abuse and will have to stop watching. Here's hoping it won't come to that.

Anonymous said...

hello all,iam from arkansas,usa
i found torchwood online and ordered it i LOVE TORCHWOOD !! and hope there will be never know where or what all JACK has been in his past.PLEASE MAKE MORE SEASONS.THANKS RTD FOR WHAT WE HAVE GOT TO SEE SO FAR.your friend TRISHA A.

Anonymous said...

There are only two times I've cried over the death of fictional characters: Wash in Serenity and Ianto in Torchwood. I suppose that's a kind of accomplishment for RTD's writing that I cared that much about the character, however i'm loyal to characters rather than shows so I won't be watching season 4.

Anonymous said...

I know I am very sad...but I loved the Owen/Gwen affair.
Would love to see the original team back together, I dont care if half of them are dead, if Bobby Ewing out of Dallas can re appear in the shower, a whole series after he has been dead...then I am pretty sure the rift can get everyone back together.

sarah said...

and to those who can't read well:

The comment about nothing being certains appears to relate to whether it will be a 5 or 13 part series.

Evidently the people commenting on here lack the brains to realise what is actually good about Torchwood. If you want to see endless episodes featuring the girl getting the guy, and everybody lives! everybody lives! and everything is lovely, watch fucking friends. Or doctor who, cause it's for kids. Torchwood is for adults. We want to see aliens kill men by sex, and let you know that our heroes are never perfect and often far from it.

Anonymous said...

I actually like how the cast has been killed off. In doctor who there are no riskes as he cant die so you know he will always survive but torchwood is better because there are plenty of risks which means more suspence and regular cast changes! new team hopefully
louis Habebah!CoE
Mickey smith!
and Martha jones
would be great!

Anonymous said...

I hated Children Of Earth, and agree that you cannot keep killing of the cast and still expect the series to continue.

I will watch the first episode of season 4, and if RTD has not fixed it, I will not watch the rest of the series. RTD you have been warned!

Anonymous said...

I love Torchwood, and I can't wait for it to return!!!

Jack, Gwen, the woman from COE ( Forgot her name ) Mickey and Martha

Bring it on!!!

I will still miss Owen/Tosh/Ianto, but it is made apparant that all Torchwood members die young.

Even though all the Janto obssessors will probably leave, I hope that a new audience will be brought in where they watch Torchwood for being Torchwood and not just for for the pairings!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see "Torchwood - the early years". Capt Jack in Victorian Cardiff with the lesbians.

Problem with killed off cast sorted...

Chris said...

Looks like Torchwood is coming to America over doing another season in UK

Anonymous said...

....I won't watch if there's a fourth season. I honestly don't think I could take watching it again. Especially without Ianto. I foresee problems. 1)How do you work a baby into a serious drama? Or will it just be a side note that never gets seen? In which case what was the point of having it in the first place? 2) No Ianto. Quite a lot of the fanbase gone there. 3) I don't know how many fans could watch a fourth season honestly.

Kiki said...

I've been having a discussion with my mum about this very topic, who in fact take over the, tech, the coffee/tea/ Jacks lover and over the medical spots. There wouldn't be a need for more cop types because Gwen is still there.

I agree with most who have said Lois Abeba, she would most likely take of Ianto's position well the knowing everything part.

I thought about Andy, Gwen's old partner. He's do good if Gwen gets rusty.

My mum mentioned bringing Rhys on board. I think that would rock.

That leaves the medical position open, Martha is busy with UNIT but she's the best.

When people mention Mickey/Ricky I think yah, he has the experience and the brawn, does Torchwood need more muscle?

Anonymous said...

definetly watching season 4. sad about loss of owen, tosh and ianto. its brutal killing 2 of the most loved characters in 1 episode.

i think either the rift will bring the team back together or rhys will be recruited along with martha jones. (but i think ianto will come back. cant imagine jack without him).

i also agree that RTD cant keep killing of the cast. one day he will go to far and rhys or gwen will go. then torchwood will be finished.

i hope RTD brings a great new alien for season 4.

if there are completly new members to the team they will have alot of work to do to better or even mach tosh, owen and ianto.

Anonymous said...

micky jones will never appear. if he does its the end of torchwood.

Anonymous said...

I think Children of Earth was brilliantly done, as an angst filled drama without a hollywood happy ending, BUT I haven't been watching Torchwood for that reason. If I wanted to be crushed wih the utter hopelessness and despair of human nature I'd turn on the news. I watch it for escapism. There was no hope left at the end of COE and that...well..that was just depressing on so many levels. I want hope, and forgive me for being cliched, a somewhat happy or at least suitable ending, because that's why we watch TV. Not to watch a dramatisaion of how the human race can be horrific. We know that already give us something to cling onto in television. I personally believe that RTD has failed to protect and listen to the pre-existing fanbase in lieu of garnering a new one. I strongly suspect it'll fail. Jack will be a completely different character from the one we fell in love with, there's no team and no Ianto. (I was sobbing so hard at his death. Rare for me the only other time was David tennant) He was my favourite character along with Tosh.
On this note I refuse to watch what will become Gwenwood, no disrespect for Eve myles but her character is a canon Mary Sue.
I cannot watch season four after the utter bleakness of COE, the loss of characters, IANTO!!! and the complete disregard for fans.

Anonymous said...

i am so excited for torchwood to come back but the team will be so hard to replace i guess if there is a new series we will just have to look at it more from torchwoods point of view. xxxx

shannon douglas said...

yes im so happ that is coming bk i love it soooooooooo much i hope to see gwen still in it and all that stuff im just so happy to know about all of this :) :) :) xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

No more thanks. It was amazing while it lasted, but to be honest, I'm extremely disappointed with it after CoE. I don't see how they could fix things now.

Anonymous said...

I'll be very happy if Torchwood removes the gay line. I'm happy that Ianto is dead, I'll be happy if Jack stays but without the bisex love and as a regular person. I can't leave my kids watch this show. With no offense for the gays but I don't like this!

Anonymous said...

I kind of figured that they were going to bring back at least a 1 or 2 of the dead characters. This shows modeled after Buffy and Angel, right? Main charters got killed off and brought back all the time on those shows.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that 'Torchwood' is a organisation that has run for decades- I'd imagine that death in such a hazardous job is insignificant. Members die and are replaced. Torchwood will live on, new characters will be introduced, new storylines seeded....
Jack and Gwen will return- no doubt- and with them a new team.
That's the whole point of the torchwood storyline- it's dangerous and it's dynamic... and it's brutally harsh on the characters. I believe that the storywriters of torchwood are trying to upkeep the strongest sense of reality in the show as they can. Naturally death would be common in their line of work! You are supposed to get a sense of the fragility of life, a sense of awe for torchwoods resilience!

Anonymous said...

people we have to rememember that there actually is a maximum death age to torchwood. this in place means that any of the charchters arent safe from death but the fourth series should be good

Astrid Saxon said...

Great news about series 4. I just wanted to thank you guys @FlicksNews for continually updating this post with TORCHWOOD news concerning series 4.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen to jacks daughter alice in the new series, i hope they dont just carry on like nothing has happened they should at least keep her in as a short term character, or maybe an evil person who like trys to kill jack after what he did to her son! i'd like to see that!

Anonymous said...

okay, i am a big big ianto/tosh/owen fan so very upset they are all dead and everything but a little faith in RTD here! He wrote all the charaters we love so much so he know what he's doing! Look at christopher eccleston and David tennat. Everyone said you couldn't replace eccleston and now everyones crying over tennant then loving all Matts quirky one liners (although space whales and multi colour daleks? Really? who the hell is writing this stuff??) So after that little rant ... have a little faith people and im sorry but you are not a true fan if your not watching the 4th series. Just give it a chance! You never no RTD may work his magic again and you'll miss out on the next amazing character and plot line. Your loss really.

Alison said...

For the person who said that they didnt want the gay love in Torchwood get over yourself! Being Gay is as normal as being hetrosexual end of story. I am not gay however I have gay friends. My first grandchild will have a lesbian Gof mother & Gay God father as well as two straight god parents. Thank god I brought my daughter up to realise that everyone is human & not a sexuality. If you can not let your children watch a healthy love story then you are to be pitied.

In regards to Torchwood 4 I think that Rhys should be recruited & think it was going that way anyway.

Dunno about bringing characters back though. The point with Torchwood was that it was dangerous. You saw Jack say that he had lost too many people over the years & he had been with Torchwoord a good many of those years so go figure.

I think fans have imput but they do not run a show. Everyone heals so why would Jack be different. He could loose himself for a century to get over what happened in CoE but then come back in time to see the baby born.

Just my opinion

Mike said...

i hope it does go on, this and doctor who are the only things i watch from bbc so i would at least want something from paying for a tv licence.

i loved ianto/jack as it gave the next generations to see that there nothing wrong being gay.

Alison said...

Hi Mike,

I agree totally about the Jack/Ianto love story showing future generations there is nothing wrong with being gay. I get so cross with people saying that it is wrong as until this kind of bigotism is dealt with there will always be those who cause problems that should never be there.

I can not believe that the UK still has a licence for watching TV! That is insane totally. When I lived in the UK I know I objected to paying to watch just a few shows on the BBC. Thank god in Australia they do not have that:-)

Dr Who is brilliant too but Torchwood is aimed more at the adult audience. I am not sure on the new guy playing Dr Who though. There haven't been any episodes played here with him in it so I am not able to judge, but he just looks all wrong to me lol.

Max said...


If UK did not have the TV licence shows like Torchwood and Doctor Who would most likely not be made or best case scenario be poor sub standard versions of what they are now and would probably not even be picked up by the main channels and be made on a much smaller budget on a niche channel.

Look when America made Doctor Who as the perfect example

Give me uninterputed ad-free, quality televison that is not dictated by markets and ad revenue etc. and also is respectful and equal to everyone black, white, straight or gay.

Alison said...


Oh wow I have never seen that before & it looks terrible.

I personally do not believe for a moment that the licence means that you get better quality tv. There are brilliant shows on ITV etc (I don't know all the channels you guys now have as I haven't lived there for 15 years).

In Aus we get brilliant tv shows without adverts etc & we do not pay for a licence. With so much product placement etc playing a huge part in not only movies but TV they would be able to make quality tv without the licence fee, which I always considered a rip off & know many people still do.

By the way on commercial tv where you have ads etc, they are still respectful to whatever race, sexuality etc. To say otherwise is just silly sorry. I have never seen an example of ad free tv being more respectful to other cultures & sexuality more than commercial tv.

Max said...


15 years ago you may have had a point about ITV's output, but not now ITV is a commercial ratings chasing channel and nearly 85% of it's output is reality television or cheesey game shows.

They even tried to make their own version of a Dr. Who clone in Primeval but axed the show (even though it had really strong ratings, nearly as high as Dr. Who) for budget reasons, the show has now been picked up by a satellite channel which will continue to make it on a shoe-string budget.

In argument to what you said that commercial tv is gay friendly, why is it then that Fox in the US scrapped plans to make Torchwood America because John Barrowman and the show's creator refused to make Captain Jack straight in the american set series.

Mainstream commercial TV will always chase the mainstream audience, its not that they are not gay friendly or race friendly, but everything is dictated by markets and research, and audience demographoics and most of the time its programming output reflects that.

I understand why you don't get it, and that paying for the privilege to watch television seems ridiculous as you don't have the BBC or a structure like that.

That is why the BBC is unique and its content reflects that. They make a lot of crap don't get me wrong but they make so much stuff that no other channel would dare make.

Where else in world would you get a Saturday evening family show like Dr. Who being made?

Alison said...


We should stop meeting like this lol.

Seriously however. I quite liked primevil & wondered what had happened to it. I just assumed it had been scraped as to be honest sci fi is not the norm for tv viewing according to bigwigs. Just the same as they scrapped Moonlight as vampire themes were not "in" Such a shame the people in charge of that beauty had not actually looked at best seller lists as they might have gotten the heads up that vampires were about to be huge again.

In regards to UK tv your absolutely right that I have no idea what is currently shown there. I could listen to my dads opinion but then he doesn't watch much apart from top gear & cricket (which I love too). So if it has come to game shows & reality tv that is a shame. We seem to have gotten over reality tv by & large in Australia. Not unless you consider Masterchef reality tv as that is a smash hit over here. However shows like big brother etc were scrapped as people just got sick of them.

However you are very wrong in one regard. You say we do not have a BBC structure. In that you are very incorrect. We have the Australian Broadcasting Company which shows Dr Who, & a few other BBC shows. However we do not have to pay for it. It is government funded. So maybe yes our taxes keep the ABC going, however we do not have to buy a licence. I think if we did, there would be national outcry as it is basically another tax.

Maybe Australia is progressive I don't know. After all we do not allow gay marriage (something I totally disagree with) however there does not seem to be the problem with gay scence on National tv. There was a bit of a set to when Home & Away wanted to do a lesbian scene but that was more because it really is more aimed at kids & family tv. I guess that until the mainstream of popualtion is able to accept that a loving relationship is far more important than how it is made up (be it male x male, female x female or male x female) then there will always be the resistance there. In the USA you have belts of states that are so christian & intolerant that a mainstream tv company would not dare show gay scenes as they know the trouble it would cause. Hopefully one day people will be more tolerant.

Its strange you know. I took my daughter to the USA to meet some friends of mine who were gay. My daughter was ten. The guys were absolutely shocked that my daughter did not call them faggots etc. That she was just totally accepting of them. That is because she was brought up without predudice of race, sexuality etc. It is also the reason that her firstborn child is having one gay god parent & a lesbian one. The other two will be straight. It is to make sure the child grows up with the same tolerance she has. Unless we are able to do this then change unfortunately will never happen.

So with that in mind I can understand why Fox might want to make Cpt Jack straight. However he was never gay in the first place. He liked women (he was married & had a child for heavens sake) he liked men, & he was also attracted to aliens (if you watch dr who properly). Its just the same old thing that people pick up on one aspect & can not let it go.

Wow I never expected this to be so long. Hope you didnt fall asleep heh

Anonymous said...

i hope ir comes back and i hope as Captain Jacks new b/f is Russell Tovey from Voyage of the dammed they would mak a nice couple - also i would glyns baby a little more spooky and alien i,e making hinm grow up quickly [ yes i know its been done before but hey ho! it works lol]andif he grows up 2 b a trannie for captain jack ? lol sorry just joking Rock on torchwood

Anonymous said...

as long as gwen and captain jack are in it i dont care it wouldnt be torchwood without them!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that I will watch Seaseon 4. I will probably end up too annoyed at what happened on COE to watch it. Russel T Davies can not expect Jack to come back to Torchwood after killing off Tosh,Suzie,Owen,Ianto and Stephen (Jack's Grandson). I would definetly watch it if he brought back Ianto. Russel T Davies may not care what his fans think and may only care about ratings but I think that his ratings will not be that high if he doesn't bring Ianto back. He barely focussed on Jack and Ianto's relationship and how it progressed then the one time he has a chance to focus on their relationship he kills off Ianto. So he better have some good ideas or no one is going to watch the next Season. Most people want some of the cast back mainly Ianto so why doesn't he for once listen to his fans and bring him back instead of making Jack suffer so much!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Torchwood coming to the USA! Although, I also hope they dump the gay nonsense in some of the storylines. It ruins the show for many people and makes it unfriendly for kids to watch.

Honestly, the 99% of the world that isn't gay or gay friendly gets a little tired of the other 1%constantly trying to tell us why it's OK, and why we should tolerate it.

Unfortuantely, Hollywood and the media seem to be inundated with writers and producers that think it's in-vouge to add gay story lines into their shows nowadays.

Even poor Barney and the Tele-tubbies can't escape their wrath.


Anonymous said...

Well i think series 4 will be great but not the same now that RTD killed off owen, tosh and ianto ithink it'd be cool if he listened to the fans for once and stop killing off the charcters every series finale. x

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why all of you who have posted comments seem to think that the only people who can be part of Torchwood are those we already know of. I think what Torchwood needs is new meat, new characters to be introduced, characters we don't know much about so that drama can actually occur, getting to know them, or even them getting to know our characters.
It was sad when Tosh, Owen, and Ianto died, but that is over and done with, so we should all get over it, if they come back, yay! If they don't, ok, that's alright because Torchwood is meant to be it's own show that is more realistic and different than Doctor Who.