Sunday, February 7, 2010

'First Avenger: Captain America' To Be Filmed In UK Plus Some Details Revealed

Director Joe Johnston who is on promotion duties with 'The Wolfman' at the moment has given some details about his next film 'First Avenger: Captain America'.

Johnston revealed that the film will start shooting at the end of June in London, and that the majority of the story is set in Europe during World War II. The film will be shot in HD and if needed can be made into 3D during the post production process.

Captain America will be played by an unknown American actor, and he has shortlisted five or six guys for the role, one of which must be cast by March 1st.

Red Skull will be the villain.

Captain America will be a USO (United Service Organizations) performer in the movie and this will explain his flag styled costume, there will be more than one costume too.
"So he's up on stage doing songs and dances with chorus girls and he can't wait to get out and really fight. When he does go AWOL, he covers up the suit but then, after a few things happen, he realizes that this uniform allows him to lead. By then, he's become a star in the public mind and a symbol. The guys get behind him because he embodies something special."

There will be more than one costume in the film, too.

In the first USO sequences, the frustrated patriot will be wearing a version that is closer to the classic Jack Kirby-designed costume, but then later as the super-soldier hits the war zone he will be wearing a sturdier, more muted version that he makes himself that is more like battle togs. The stripes across his mid-section, for instance, will be straps, not colored fabric.

"He realizes the value of the uniform symbols but he modifies his suit and adds some armor, it will be closer to the Cap costume in some of the comics in more recent years . . . this approach, it's the only way we could justify ever seeing him on a screen in tights, with the funny boots and everything. The government essentially puts him up there as a living comic-book character and he rips it off and then reclaims some of its imagery after he recognizes the value of it. We think it's the best way to keep the costume and explain it at the same time."