Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dexter: Early Cuts Series 2 - Dark Echo (Animated Prequel To Season 1)

Dexter Early Cuts Dark Echo is a six part web series that reveals more of Dexter’s backstory from last year’s 12-part series, Dexter Early Cuts.

Dexter Morgan is challenged by a copy-cat killer who does not follow any sort of code. The story opens immediately after his father Harry's death, with Dexter in his early twenties and his sister Debra is still in high school. Dexter is enrolled in medical school where he's studying anatomy to improve his "craft." During a routine kill, Dexter realizes that another student has been spying on him and knows that he is a serial killer. He confronts the student after he begins to commit murders in Dexter's style and the two clash over the ethics of their situations. Dexter's faceoff with his 'Dark Echo' represents the first time his code is tested since his father's death, and the incident helps reinforce the importance of Harry Morgan's code.

Making Dark Echo