Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Disney Drops 'Yellow Submarine'

THR is reporting that after the poor performance of motion capture film 'Mars Needs Moms' that Robert Zemeckis produced, Disney have now dropped the directors remake of the classic Beatles film 'Yellow Submarine.'

The 'Yellow Submarine' was already facing a few rocky reefs before this weekend. There were budget issues, and a key presentation Zemeckis was to have made before the Beatles heirs kept being pushed back.

A December date for the confab was scrapped and never rescheduled. But sources say the disastrous $6.9 million opening for the $150 million-budgeted Mars, produced by Zemeckis, guaranteed that Submarine would never set sail at Disney. (The studio says the project was torpedoed well before Mars opened.) The producer-director is now free to shop the project to another studio.