Monday, May 26, 2008

Captain America Film Casting Suggestion

There has been alot of talk about the upcoming Captain America film and who should play the part, direct the film. What we are amazed by there is a very obvious and perfect choice for the role who has so far not be mentioned. Flick News is gonna suggest Matt Damon should be considered for the part, he has the look, fan boys would agree and most important of all we could see him the nailing the part perfectly.

Marvel should maybe look at bringing the Paul Greengrass/Matt Damon partnership on board as if anyone is going to do cap justice they are your guys! And while we are on a Roll Ed Brubaker should be involved in the script process of the film, he thinks cinematic and the Captain America Comics under his reign have been fantastic.

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If you don't think Damon is a good choice, use comments who you would like to see just please No Matthew McConaughey Suggestions!