Thursday, August 14, 2008

RocknRolla Looking For A New Distributor

Guy Ritchie's upcoming gangster film RocknRolla is reportedly searching for a new distributor.

According to reports, producer Joel Silver has been screening the movie for rival studios Lionsgate and Sony in the hope that they will take it away from Warner Bros.

Alan Horn, chief operating officer of Warner Bros, said that he would honour a small-scale release agreement for RocknRolla, even though he doubted its commercial appeal.

He said: "I think it's a well-made picture, but while it's funny in spots, it's very English. I don't think it's broadly commercial. It feels like a film that deserves a spirited release, but not a wide one. Joel has an 800-screen deal, which we'll honour, but we might not be willing to spend the marketing money he wants us to."

Horn added that he would be open to selling the film to a rival if the right offer came along, saying: "If Joel is thinking there is someone out there willing to spend twice as much money as we're willing to, I'm sure he will pursue that."

RocknRolla's is due for release in Ireland and UK this September!