Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bryan Singer Uncertain What He Will Do Next

The New York Times has published an article about Bryan Singer's new film 'Valkyrie' and questions him about what he might do next.
Mr. Singer's next move is uncertain. A plan to direct an adaptation of Randy Shilts's Harvey Milk biography, "The Mayor of Castro Street," fell apart when Gus Van Sant's "Milk" beat the project to the finish line. And Mr. Singer tenses visibly when asked about his potential involvement in a "Superman" sequel. "I really don't know," he said. Last summer Jeff Robinov, the president of Warner Brothers, told The Wall Street Journal that "Superman Returns" "didn't quite work as a film in the way we wanted it to" and failed to "position the character the way he needed to be positioned."

Mr. Singer says his own love of Superman lore may have given the movie the weight of too much nostalgia - "I'm learning to introduce characters a lot quicker and more aggressively," he added - but he is otherwise disinclined to second-guess his decisions or even revisit his past work.

After promoting "Valkyrie" internationally, he plans to take a short vacation, then look for "something big, fantasy or sci-fi."

"I really like the buildup to a movie like that: the prep, working with the art department, the planning. I've always wanted to make big movies, and I still do. Unless another really interesting plot to kill someone comes along."