Wednesday, December 17, 2008

David Fincher Talks Heavy Metal

With the project still in doubt David Fincher has talked to MTV to shed some light on the new Heavy Metal animated feature, he claims that Gore Verbinski and Zack Snyder are still on broad to direct segments for the animated feature. With such powerhouse directors behind you think it be a no brainer to get it made, here's what Fincher had to say on the project:
“We’re still trying to get that made,” Fincher told MTV News.

“I’m ready to bat clean-up. I’m ready to do whatever story no one else wants to do. We have like twenty-four stories and artwork for it. Zack Snyder is picking one and I think Verbinski has one that he likes. We’re seeing where it ends up. I have time to do one or two and I have dibs on eight or nine, so somewhere in there we’ll figure it out if we can ever get the money together.”

“There’s no ‘Blade Runner’ without ‘Heavy Metal.’ There’s probably no ‘Alien.’ It was such a fertile breeding ground,” explained the director, noting the magazine’s influence on today’s digital animators. “Wherever you go in the world you go to any computer animation company and there lying around is ‘Heavy Metal’ magazine.”

“The world will at some point be ready for something other than singing, furry f–king animals,” Fincher told MTV.