Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Matt Groening Gives Details On Rogen, Goldberg Scripted Episode

Details have emerged of the upcoming Simpsons episode scripted by Seth Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg.

Matt Groening revealed the details to NUTS about the epsisode thats seems to be inspired by Rogen's own castng in the role of green Hornet.

"He wrote an episode we'll be reading soon, where Comic-Book Guy creates a superhero comic which then gets made into a feature film," Groening explained. "Homer plays the lead and to slim down, Seth Rogen will play his personal trainer."

Groening also insisted that the show continues to use traditional animation at the initial stages.

"Every episode is still drawn by hand but we no longer have animators willing to ink and paint actual stories, so it's all done on computer," he said.

"To get continuity with the way the way it was done traditionally, we dirty up the picture and make it look the way it used to, with a lot of dirt on the drawings, so no-one knows it's done by computer."