Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shane Meadows 'King Of The Gypsies' On Hold

Empire have posted some details on Shane Meadows upcoming film 'King Of The Gypsies' which is set to star Paddy Considine has been put on hold due to legal problems.
It’s something of a good news/bad news day for the project then. The bad news is that King Of The Gypsies is currently being held up by unspecified legal problems; the good that, while lawyers pore over the script, the prospect of a Meadows dream-team drew one step closer, with the ever-excellent Toby Kebbell (Dead Man’s Shoes) putting his hand up for a part.

Newly-nominated BAFTA Rising Star, Kebbell told us of his ambition to work with Meadows again. “I would love to play Bartley Gorman as a younger man. He was a phenomenal character - a ridiculous, animal of a man, with a head the size of a barrel. So hopefully we’ll do the film. Paddy will play him [Gorman] as an older man and I’ll play him younger, or Paddy will play him and I’ll play one of his brothers.”
King Of The Gypsies has long been a dream project for Meadows, who made a short documentary on the late Bartley Gorman who was the bare-knuckle boxing world champion.

King of the Gypsies