Friday, May 15, 2009

Flight Of The Concords Trio To Star In 'Diagnosis: Death'

UPDATE: Yon Can View Trailer For 'Diagnosis Death' By Clicking Here!

Shocktillyoudrop have word that Flight of the Conchords stars Brett McKenzie, Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby are set to star in a upcoming horror-comedy called 'Diagnosis: Death', to be direcred by Jason Stutter (who made the brilliant 'Tongan Ninja').

The tone of director Jason Stutter's film is said to be in line with Peter Jackson's early works. The story, co-penned by Stutter and Raybon Kan, concerns two people undergoing a radical treatment for cancer. Locked in a medical facility over a weekend as guinea pigs for a drug trial, they discover the clinic may pose more harm than they could have imagined. The drugs cause hallucinations. Or are they seeing ghosts for real? Struggling with their senses, they must team up to solve a haunting secret.

Raybon Kan, Jessica Grace Smith and Suze Tye are also set to star.

Tongan Ninja Trailer

Tongan Ninja Opening Credits