Monday, May 18, 2009

Ricky Gervais Podcasts To Become An Animated Series

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington are to be soon seen in animated form in a new TV series for HBO based on their brlliant podcasts.

The 13 half-hour episodes will air next year and Gervais plans to make Karl Pilkington and his brilliant mind a household name world wide.

‘Karl is a man who believes that a sea lion is a cross between a fish and a dog,’ ‘Hopefully, Karl will enter the pantheon of animated greats.’

Modi Wiczyk of Media Rights Capital, which is producing the show, said ‘They find him to be the funniest person in the world. Ricky says Karl is like crack to him.’

The show started out on XFM in London, but in 2005 was made into a free podcast, becoming the most downloaded in history, with an average of 261,670 downloads per episode in its first month. The show then went on to shatter records for paid audiobook downloads.

The Ricky Gervais Show: Monkey News