Monday, August 30, 2010

Jemaine Clement Talks 'Fight Of The Conchords' Movie

While on UK promotional duties for 'Dinner For Schmucks', Jemaine Clement sat down with the Guardian's Killian Fox to talk about his blossoming film career. He also briefly mentioned the possibility of a Flight Of The Conchords Musical Film being made.
So have we seen the end of the Conchords?

There won't be any more of the TV show, but we'll still do the live thing. It might be fun to do a movie musical with a little bit of a budget. I say that just because we had so little budget on the Conchords and so little time to do the music videos, so it'd be great to be able to put a bit more thought into it.

Clement also discussed the Conchords upcoming appearance in The Simpsons and playing the baddie in 'Men In Black III'.

You and Bret [McKenzie, Conchords co-star] have a Simpsons appearance coming up. Were you happy to be asked?

Yeah, we were over the moon. We don't play ourselves, because most people won't know who we are, but they'll look like yellow versions of ourselves. We play counsellors at an arts camp that Lisa's going to. It's pretty fun. We just went to a studio and recorded it, but, yeah, we were really flattered. I remember begging my mother to let me stay up and watch The Simpsons when it started as short sketches on The Tracey Ullman Show.

Next up, you're playing the villain in Men in Black III.

Yeah. My character's an alien, which means I have these prosthetics over my face and body. I've been travelling to the States for the last few months just to try on different prosthetics. Then I go home to New Zealand and have a totally ordinary lifestyle where I'm changing nappies [Clement has a one-year-old son, Sophocles Iraia, with his wife, playwright Miranda Manasiadis] and going to the park.